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MP Cena: 425,00 RSD

RJ-45 konektor STP kat. 6a – fully shielded (oklopljen) 8P8C, za direktnu terminaciju bez alata na UTP/STP kabl patch (licnasti) ili punog preseka, 500MHz – 10GbE, sa metalnom navlakom koja fiksira kabl. Lako se spaja bez alata.

  • direct termination on Cat.6a, Cat. 6,  cables
  • tool-free, fast and easy installation
  • connection of IP cameras and wireless devices without the need of using outlets and patch cords
  • required installation space 50 mm
  • enables transmission of all high-speed protocols including 10GBASE-T within the system Cat. 6A
  • guarantees a bandwidth of 500 MHz within the system Cat.6A
  • perfectly shielded against Alien Crosstalk and electromagnetic interference
✔ RJ45 connector with CAT6A specification that can be assembled without tools. Colour: Silver
✔ Color coding of the contacts in the plug, so that the connection is child’s play. After connecting the individual wires of the network cable, the connector is simply folded and the connection is complete.
✔ cable: max. 4x2xAWG23/1 up to 7mm diameter
✔ gold-plated contacts
✔ suitable for private and professional use